25 May

5 Things That You Should Consider When Choosing An Employment Law Company

Finding the right employment law company for your organization is extremely essential. The process isn’t complicated, but there are several things you want to consider to make sure that you’ve found the best employment legal team to handle your legal issues. Here are 5 things you need to consider when choosing an Employment law company:
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  1. Qualification & Professional Membership
    Before you let any employment legal team to start working for you, it’s vital to check out if it’s fully accredited and registered to practice the law. To do so, you need to visit legal regulating authority to make clarifications. Get facts about the legal firm’s admission date and disciplinary history.
  2. Expertise
    this is one of the most important factors to consider when looking for a legal employment team to work for you. The team should be well-versed with the laws in your state. It is also important to know what practice areas a potential legal firm focuses on, and what proportion of its time is dedicated to that practice area. For example, a copyright lawyer likely wouldn’t be able to assist your organization over a labor dispute such as settelment agreements > http://www.rllaw.co.uk/our-expertise/compromise-agreements/
  3. Cost
    Different employment legal firms charge fees differently; you will want to know the complete estimate of total legal costs. You will want to know:
    -How much does the lawyer estimate his fees will be?
    -What additional costs will you have to pay? These might include paralegal costs, photocopying and scanning costs,
    mailing costs, filing fees and travel expenses.
    – Is the lawyer’s fee negotiable?
    – Can the lawyer do the necessary work within your budget?
  4. Experience;
    Before getting am employment legal team, you need to decide on what kind of experience you are looking for. The more complex or serious your legal issues within your organization are, the more experience you want your legal team to have.
  5. Compatibility.
    This is an important factor as well depending on what you need to achieve. You need to ask yourself the following questions -: Does your emolument legal team understand your situation? Can the legal firm match or complement or intensity of your organization?  While it is important to trust that your employment legal team,  knows best in terms of how to handle the situation, it is also important that you get along with him or her and can work together to achieve your goal.

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24 May

Reasons For Choosing Garden Clearance In Surrey

Surrey County is mostly wooded and most homeowners prefer to keep gardens to add aesthetic value to their homes. Having a garden calls for regular maintenance which you can choose to carry out on your own or hire a professional to carry out the work for you. Having your garden cleared by professionals has several advantages and can be chosen for the following reasons;

  • Having an untidy garden not only makes the home look unappealing, but also poses harm to persons within. Items such as sharp sticks, metal pieces and broken glass may be difficult to see and may end up causing injuries.
  • Garden clearance companies and service providers do most of the work including trimming any overgrown branches and hedges.
  • Garden clearance is an activity that needs to be carried out often. Enlisting the services of a company to carry out this activity can be particularly beneficial to busy persons who have little or no time to do it themselves.
  • Most garden clearance companies have professionally trained employees who work fast and efficiently. They are likely to clear out and clean areas that you might have missed due to their keen sense of attention to detail.
  • Waste regulations make the waste producer legally responsible for the manner in which the waste and rubbish is disposed. Hiring a licensed clearance company ensures that your waste is properly disposed of, which reduces the chances of prosecution.
  • Recyclable junk or waste from your garden is taken for recycling by the garden clearance company, thus saving you the effort of identifying the items or going to a recycling plant.


Hiring the services of a garden clearance service provider in surrey is the way to go; it is convenient, affordable, and very tenable in the long term.

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20 May

Finding Child-Friendly Gadgets and Toys

As a parent or guardian looking to please your child with a toy or gadget, it is time you paused, and took a moment to ask yourself whether that toy is really safe. The safety and suitability of toys and gadgets lies not only in the immediate risks or dangers you may notice, but also in the long term risks that you may not perceive. For instance, some years back, some fancy toys from china flooded the market, they had mercury inside, and some flowers that would remain afloat in a nice, captivating way; most parents rushed to get them for their kids, before most came to realize that the mercury inside had dangerous effects.
Here, we are not talking about specific toys and gadgets like tablets, robots, cars, airplanes, etc. Rather, it is more about the materials and components used to manufacture them. Always avoid toys and gadgets that;
1. Are metallic; metallic toys and gadgets may appear catchy, but the moment your child starts biting and nibbling on them, the meal coating stars peeling off. Metal is harmful if ingested.
2. Painted toys; paint also peels off, and we are trying to avoid anything that may be harmful if ingested by the child.
3. Polythene/ nylon wrappings; once you’ve bought a new toy or gadget for your kid be sure to dispose of any polythene or nylon wrappings as they may cause suffocation.
4. No mercury; keep off from toys that have mercury and other poisonous compositions, however minute.
5. Plastic is best; plastic toys are always the best especially for the ages of 5 years and below. Plastic is soft but tough, and even if the toy were to find itself in the child’s mouth, there would be no harm.
Those are 5 of the things to look out for when looking for child friendly gadgets and Toys.
23 Apr

Lewisham Islamic Centre at Lewisham and Southwark College Faith Fair 2016


LIC at Lewisham and Southwark College Faith Fair 2016

“The Faith Fair goes from Strength to Strength!”

Another year, another Faith Fair, yet the enthusiasm, far from waning, only grows from year to year.

This year the Annual Lewisham and Southwark College Faith Fair took place on Thursday the 14th of April. The Lewisham Islamic Centre, as is its wont, took part along with other Faith Communities in the London Borough of Lewisham. As always, the fair presents a great opportunity for various faith communities to represent and present their beliefs in a very welcoming and respectful atmosphere, to educate, correct misconceptions, and dispel fictitious opinions.


Far from being solely a forum showcasing different faiths and beliefs, events like this without doubt promote diversity and much needed tolerance to maintain that diversity as we all strive to build the most socially cohesive borough possible, and a worthy example for the rest of British society.


The importance of faith initiatives can never be overstated and the Lewisham Islamic Centre would like to thank and congratulate Lewisham and Southwark College for taking the lead and organising another successful event. Further appreciation is offered to the London Borough of Lewisham for its ongoing support and more.


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8 Apr

UK Laws On Self Defence


Laws on self defence in the UK are high. Meaning, if you have hurt someone in self-defence, you could either be sentenced or walk free.

If sentenced, it could range from 5 to 25 years and above. That is a lot of time. The video below will tell you all about this!


6 Apr

Online Jobs For Parents

Sometimes it can be hard as a parent, whether mother or father, to take care of kids when working full or part time hours, outside of the home.

But now, things have changed. There are thousands of jobs where you can get paid for just having a PC and a limited skillset.

Click the video below to find out:


21 Mar

Best Small Businesses For Stay At Home Mum

Motherhood is great; it is a wonderful moment that every woman always looks forward to. However, motherhood is also fraught with numerous responsibilities. You have a young one, or young ones to look after, and this tends to rob you of so much free time. Yet, you have bills to pay, you need money for sustenance.  Nowadays, many moms are opting to work from home in what has come to be referred as Stay at Home Mums. This is a good way to be around your house doing household chores, and also engage in an income generating activity.

What would one need in order to be a Stay at Home Mom?

  • Laptop/ Internet; the most important thing that you’ll need is a laptop, and stable internet. Those two will take away the need to go to any office, or have to move away from the house. Most of the lucrative and gainful businesses are to be found online.
  • Data entry; Data entry jobs are a good starting point for any stay at home Mum. There are thousands of companies out there that need to have so much data entered into their systems, and the basic requirements include a laptop, and the ability to type.
  • Affiliate Marketing; this can also be done Online, where you promote and sell products online from the comfort of your home, and at the end of month, you get a handsome commission and salary for your efforts. You are given a list of potential clients, and all you have to do is to either call them, or engage them via email.
  • Writing Jobs; from SEO article writing, to academic writing and dissertations; this is another lucrative front. Here, you just need to have good spoken and written English.


Don’t let motherhood confine you to financial reliance on those around you; get a laptop, and engage in any of the numerous income generating activities online.


17 Mar

Most commonly broken laws in the UK

poker-lawMillions of people in and within the UK may think or assume that they are law abiding citizens; some will even go as far as to claim that they don’t ever remember breaking a law recently. But truth is that on average, a UK resident commits an average of 7 crimes a week. Some of these offences may seem minute and minor, but they are nonetheless offences, and can be punishable;

  1. Eating/ driving while driving; ever found yourself munching an apple, a burger as you drive or sipping some coffee and other beverages while driving? This is a common offence that most commit despite it being illegal.
  2. Not wearing Seat Belts; most people have all sorts of excuses for this, but truth is that one must always have their seat belts regardless of the distance they’re driving.
  3. Speeding; this is another rule that many in the UK break. Exceeding the speed limit simply because there’s no cop around, or there’s no traffic are offences.
  4. Illegal download of music; blame it on the internet, on YouTube, or on whatever. But more and more people are illegally downloading music using software, which robs the artists of their royalties.
  5. Texting while driving; over 40% of the UK population either text while driving, or talk on their phones while driving. This is a commonly broken rule.
  6. Littering; this is another common misdemeanour, where people drop litter in the wrong places.  Cigarette buts dropped all over, chewing gum left sticking on surfaces; these annoying and unhygienic habits also affect quite a huge number of people in the UK.


Other commonly broken rules are ridiculous and laughable; like ladies spraying themselves with expensive tester perfumes, rather than buying their own. Or lying that their children are younger, so that one can pay a lower entrance fee at events.

16 Mar

Top 10 Law Schools In The World

Want to grantee a successful career in law? The key to securing a law career early in your career is to go to a top-notch world university of law.

So what are the best of the best law schools in the world? Watch the video below to find out top 10 law universities in the world.

5 Mar

Is Transhumanism A Myth, Or Reality, What Are Its 7 Clearest Indicators?

Basically, transhumanism is a discipline or a concept that seeks to weigh and evaluate the possibilities of enhancing the human race, by making us of the latest technology. In other words, from genetic engineering, to artificial intelligence, Information technology, and future anticipated technology; all these are carefully studied to see how human beings can make the most out of the most. Below are 7 indicators that prove beyond doubt, that transhumanism has already been attained, or is about to be attained;

Brought to you by Andrew Charalambous

  1. Prosthetics advancements; since prosthetics were invented, together with organ implants, they were viewed as a milestone in medicine. However, what we are looking at in the future is what is known as voluntary amputation, where someone will offer to have their hand amputated, and replaced with a more effective, more useful cybernetic one. With the advancement of this concept, words like disabled or handicapped will be rendered obsolete.
  2. Artificial assistance; this will make use of Augmented reality(AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), both of which will be integrated into our day to day lives. Just like the way Google and Wikipedia have revolutionalized the way we research information and remember it, Artificial Assistance will revolutionalize the way we reason, and interact with others.
  3. Controlled aging; the essence of healthcare is usually to ensure that we live long and healthy lives. With the current technology in cloning, and genetical engineering, it’s likely that aging will be slowed down and the average life span of mankind could be increased to 120 years. Again in the light of this reality, the term aging will have its meaning altered; humans won’t see aging as a n inevitable, necessary process, but rather, like a disease or condition that can be managed and mitigated upon using technological advancements.
  4. Better brains; better brain will enhance our cognitive abilities by using neuro implants, genetic engineering, even prosthetic cyberbrains.
  5. Liberalization of personal choices; decisions pertaining to one’s body or personal health will be largely reliant on somatic rights. Actions like assisted suicide, abortion, use of recreational drugs, sexual orientation among adults; all these rights will be enshrined in the law and viewed as an individual’s personal rights and responsibilities. Read more on www.andrewcharalambousukiphousing.com
  6. Responsible, planned reproduction; presently, human reproduction is neither planed nor controlled; anyone who meets the biological threshold can conceive, or impregnate. But we are looking at a transhumant future where all reproduction will be responsible, thanks to better birth control methods. Abortions will be reduced to the accidental instances where the pregnancy poses a health risk to the mother. Those that decide to reproduce will greatly rely on assisted reproductive technologies (ARTs). Thanks to genetic engineering and availability of prosthetic wombs, we’ll see more babies born under better conditions, will better chances of survival; this will be one way of procreating transhumans.
  7. Individualism; we will witness a shift in rights and responsibilities, from common humanity to individual tastes and preferences. This trend is already beginning to take shape even in our present time.


Transhumansim is still a distant reality, but the above 7 factors are the greatest indicators that we are heading there.

Watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aB58O163L-Q